• Logo on invoice templates


    I have been trying to set up our company's invoice templates in Sage Business Cloud Accounting. When I add our logo and adjust the size it appears blurry and pixelated. I have followed the instructions on Sage's help pages, I have tried multiple…

  • Repeat Supplier invoices

    Sage make you login to your account to get your invoices.

    How can we change the system so that SAGE automatically emails invoices every month without needing to logon.

    Lots of other companies force you to waste time in the same way, is there a way to…

  • Printing invoices and delivery notes in dual language (English and Chinese characters in product name)


    We are struggling to figure out how to print sales invoices, delivery notes etc which display our products with item names containing English and Chinese characters.

    Items are added with the description in English with the Chinese added to the end…

  • Customer Multiple Depot Addresses

    Is it possible to set up multiple depot addresses for a customer on Sage BCA?

    My customer does work at their customers' sites and there are often many different locations, I provide support services to my customer at their customers' sites. Each time…

  • Reference Field on Quote and Invoice is not long enough

    The reference field on the quote and invoice on Sage BCA is not long enough to give a decent description sometimes.

    Also, when I prepare a quote, I usually put my customers' PO numbers in the reference box meaning the brief description I entered needs…

  • Can a Quote reference be carried over to an Invoice?

    I prepare a quote, and once the work is complete I prepare an invoice.

    When I look at the invoice on Sage BCA there is a link to the Quote, but when I print (or PDF) the quote there is no reference to the quote anymore. 

    Can I prepare the printed (PDF…

  • Switching between multiple Contacts within a single customer when creating Quotes and Invoices

    When creating quotes and Invoices we regularly need to switch between customer contacts to ensure that the correct name appears on the invoice. This is usually for larger organisations where the cost centre is the same but the department or person requesting…

  • Download Invoice as Pdf endpoint


    Is there an endpoint we can query in order to be able to download an invoice as pdf, which simulates the "Download" button in the invoice right pane section?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Best regards,


  • Invoice and Payment matching; variance on payment due to contra charges

    I raise an invoice to a customer and receive payments into a linked Bank Account and want to match them. However the payment is always less than the Gross Invoice figure as I pay a management fee which varies dependant on the customers value add to the…

  • Downloading invoices

    Hi All, i dont seem to be able to work out if you can bulk download the invoices

    After using Sage now for a while we've realised that we could do with having a PDF copy of each invoice on a computer so that we can search the text within the invoices…

  • Match from bank feed against invoice when full payment not made

    I created an invoice and the customer has made a partial payment. From the imported bank transactions i have attempted to match against the sales invoice. While I can locate it and make the initial match i cannot complete the process due to the unallocated…

  • Invoices

    I have just moved from Sage Instant Accounts to Sage cloud Accounting. The invoice templates hardly seem to be customisable at all now and also I am having problems with the company logo - whatever I try I cannot get this to appear sharply. For this latter…

  • Sales Invoices driving Direct Expenses


    I want to record Purchases of Inventory into stock and then Sales to drive Direct expenses to get real margin.

    The system only allows me to book Purchases to Stock or directly to COS. IF I book to Stock then when I sale the product is not driving…

  • VAT invoice from US Company

    Hi, I receive invoices from various companies in the US, some of which charge me VAT.

    I assume they are VAT registered in the EU as the VAT number has an "EU" prefix.

    I am confused as to how to account for this in SageOne. If I enter the company…

  • Help! I've messed up the invoice template!

    I wanted to add more room to my description field in the invoice template and have now would up with too many lines resulting in the template going over 2 pages. How do I remove lines/data fields from my description? I've deleted the data fields but am…