• Bank feeds - Delay in obtaining latest transaction

    The delay in obtaining transactions significantly reduces the benefit.  Also bank feeds do  not provide the bank balance to enable reconciliation.

    The Sage response to this question is that the update depends on a third party.  Nat West provides an aggregation…

  • Duplicate Bank Feed Entries should not occur - bad design

    It should not have been necessary to contact support if the program was better designed - the problem is bank feeds where when there is a Bank Transfer between two accounts the bank feed allows both transactions to be recorded creating a duplicate entry…

  • Barclays bank feed

    Hi there,

    We have a number of bank accounts with Barclays and have only managed to set up the bank feed for one.  When I try and do the same for the other accounts I get an error message when I get back to Sage.  I have tried the helpdeskk with Sage and…

  • Multi Currency Bank Accounts

    Hi, I have connected our Bank accounts to our Wise account and see that I can pull in the transactions form my different currency accounts however they all show as £, when will we have the option to have the account its own currency?

  • Bank Feed Reference not matching


    Sorry if these are dumb questions but I haven't got the time to find the answer.

    Q1.I am new to Bank Feeds. I have entered a load of Bank Payments for my 02 mobile bill. Each month it is a penny or two different so can't put in as a regular payment…

  • Lost transaction.

    Made a cash deposit at the bank.

    Transaction showed in 'Banking'.

    Went to match the relevant invoices to the transaction.

    I'd recorded an invoice amount incorrectly so the total of the invoices didn't match the total deposit at the bank.…

  • Paypal Working Capital loan

    Hi Sage city!

    I want to know that which category and Nominal code does PayPal Working Capital Loan belong in sale business cloud.

  • Cash deposit creates duplicate transaction in bank feed

    The Sage help reccommends recording cash till sales in a separate 'bank' and then using the Deposit function to record when some of that cash is taken to the bank. That’s fine, but there is of course already a transaction in the bank feed because it syncs…

  • Invoice and Payment matching; variance on payment due to contra charges

    I raise an invoice to a customer and receive payments into a linked Bank Account and want to match them. However the payment is always less than the Gross Invoice figure as I pay a management fee which varies dependant on the customers value add to the…

  • Barclaycard Business bank feed

    The Barclaycard Business bank feed regularly duplicates transactions and imports transactions with a transaction date different from that shown on the statement. Is there anything I can configure to prevent these issues?

  • Bank Feed security

    I understand using bank feeds that are direct between Sage and the bank are secure. My belief is that the portal that opens in Sage is actually created by the Bank and so all personal security data is only seen by the bank who then gives access to retrieving…

  • User experience - Sage support

    I have been trying to get support for a fault with Sage Business Cloud for some months and having started a dialogue via email. I got to a point where getting the responses were getting  us nowhere. The support staff seemed not to understand or professed…

  • Bank Feed


    We're having trouble connecting our bank feed.

    We had it connected a year or so ago but there was a technical issue and it disconnected. We've since tried to re-connect by selecting our bank and account type, but upon clicking continue on the…

  • Banking Feeds

    I keep trying to download new transactions from my BarclayCard to my Sage via the Banking feeds section, and the screen just says 'downloading transactions' and it goes on and on for literally minutes. Also, my balances and bank balances on my other feeds…

  • Bank Feed & Bank Account Balance don't match


    I have been using sage accounting since setting my business up in Oct last year. Its been a very busy few months so have only just managed to catch up on matching all my bank feed entries, with items in sage, payments, invoices etc. So I have now completed…