• How to change a transaction date

    Good afternoon,

    I have been setting up a client in Sage Business Cloud Accounting by importing their bank statements from the day they started trading. Their first VAT return was filled through another system. I created an income transaction from a payment…

  • County court claim


    We received a county court claim which we have now paid, I just need some help on how to post this onto to sage and wether VAT is applicable or not? 

    The original supplier account still has outstanding invoices but the claims payment was made to a…

  • VAT Flat Rate Scheme - reclaim VAT on large asset purchasses


    We are now registered for VAT wef 1 January 2021 on a flat rate scheme. In 2020 (previous financial year), we purchased 2 vehicles, and my understanding is that we can reclaim the VAT back of the vehicles at 20% with our first VAT return - due by May…

  • Running a quarterly VAT return after migrating sage systems mid-period.

    We recently migrated from Sage 50 to Sage Cloud Accounting, which happened to be mid VAT period. When it comes to submitting our next VAT return, how do we go about accounting for transactions which occurred on the old system? If we run the return on…

  • VAT rate change

    The UK VAT rate on hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions is reducing from 20% to 5%, from 15 July 2020 to 12 January 2021.

    The cut applies to food and non-alcoholic drinks as well as accommodation and admission to attractions across the UK…

  • VAT on purchase invoices

    Hi all,

    We are not VAT registered. We are purchasing a service from someone who IS. So they will charge us VAT. However there's no option to include this on the purchase invoice except to roll it into the price of the line item.

    The VAT Scheme doc…

  • Customisation of vat codes

    Not sure if this is the right place, really wanted to submit an idea!

    Please can you amend the vat code structure within Business cloud accounting so we can use different vat codes other than the normal. I need a vat code to use a vat code of 9.6% as…

  • What to do with VAT payment showing as bank transaction

    I submitted by previous VAT return and recently paid it via the HMRC website. Naturally, this payment shows as a transaction in my bank feed. The easy thing would be to assign it to the code for VAT, but I can’t. What am I supposed to do with this transaction…

  • Newly VAT registered..... HELP!

    I have been using Sage for the past 5 years for our business but literally only using the invoicing and recording payments features. I have never linked our bank up or anything and now we have gone VAT registered from May 1st.

    I believe I need to set…

  • VAT Registration

    Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to advise me with regard to removing my VAT registration status within the Sage Cloud accounting software.

    I ended my registration on 26 Jan 2020 and subsequently ran a final VAT return. This was accepted by HMRC through…

  • grant authority for this software to interact with HMRC request

    why do I get  the message grant authority for this software to interact with HMRC when I am submitting my return? I am MTD enabled - this has happened previously but cant remember how it was resolved.

  • The VAT QTR is incorrect and I can change the date

    Hello - I've asked SAGE to create the VAT return, however I can't change the dates and when I log on to HMRC I need to submit my return for QTR ended 30 September - which is overdue.

    How can I change the dates?

  • Overriding zero rated VAT for foreign customers

    I produce corporate events in the U.K, and I sell sponsorships to companies abroad. Sage automatically sets the VAT to zero rated. For my specific purposes, I do not believe this is correct. I can't figure out how to override the zero rated VAT. Any ideas…

  • Query re VAT deregistration

    We deregistered for VAT on 29th June and submitted a final VAT return.  I have tried to amend our VAT details to "Not Registered" but keep getting a warning stating 

    • You must submit a VAT return before changing tax scheme

    I have followed the…

  • Sage Business Cloud asked me to submit my first Monthly VAT return with two months worth of transactions in one submission

    Hi All

    I applied for my company to be VAT registered on 2 May 2019 and subscribed to submit VAT return monthly as the Company would expect repayment on every VAT return. I only received my VAT registration number on 26 June 2019. As the deadline for May…

  • HMRC Making Tax Digital for VAT service - Planned downtime from 15 to 19 March 2019

    HMRC have advised that the Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT service will be unavailable from 5pm on Friday 15 March 2019 to 8.30am on Tuesday 19 March 2019. During this time you will not be able to:

    • sign up for Making Tax Digital
    • submit your VAT ret…
  • Making Tax Digital checklist

    Most businesses are now eligible to join HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) open pilot. If you use Sage Business Cloud Accounting and you haven't signed up for MTD yet,  our MTD checklist can help you make the switch.

    View the MTD checklist >

  • VAT invoice from US Company

    Hi, I receive invoices from various companies in the US, some of which charge me VAT.

    I assume they are VAT registered in the EU as the VAT number has an "EU" prefix.

    I am confused as to how to account for this in SageOne. If I enter the company…

  • VAT report

    Hi,  how to run a VAT overall report for the year (not per vat return period) ?


    Thanks, Natalia