• Posting of Foreign Currency transactions


    I have a number of EUR suppliers whom i pay from GBP account. So I use the GBP account to pay supplier invoices that are entered In Sage in EUR.

    In Bank feeds the transaction will appear still in the amount of EUR i.e. 602 EUR but the actual amount…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting v Sage 50 Cloud Accounts


    Currently have Sage 50 Cloud Accounts, needed it for Multi Company and a few other options but now want to split it up due to one company changing their business management software to cloud based. The Software management company have said it would…

  • Missing Invoice Number

    I have an Invoice Number missing from my sequence of Invoices. Invoice SI-5232 cannot be found even when I extend the search period. Is there a way to search to see whether this number does actually apply to a live invoice?

  • Customer deposits

    For a wedding catering & hire business, we quote a customer sometimes 18-24 months before the event and a deposit is required to secure the date before the full final package is known. At the moment, I am generating a deposit request from outside Sage…

  • Download Button on Invoices - Now Saving - How can i change back to opening


    i accidentally clicked the 'download' action button when downloading an invoice and since then all invoices are downloaded instead of opening in adobe reader.
    I assume the 'always' do this action was clicked.

    ive search the internet…

  • Automate Customer account

    Hi All,

    We are a small UK SME running Sage one/accounting, and i am looking to automate a lot of our account setups and would like to know if anyone else has been successful.

    an example would be, I would like to send a new client a digital account form…


    Does anyone know how you apply the VAT when you are on Cash accounting and operate the DRC VAT scheme in construction. If you accept a payment on account from a customer but you have yet to invoice them, how do you apply the VAT, is it still the normal…

  • Reference Field on Quote and Invoice is not long enough

    The reference field on the quote and invoice on Sage BCA is not long enough to give a decent description sometimes.

    Also, when I prepare a quote, I usually put my customers' PO numbers in the reference box meaning the brief description I entered needs…

  • Can a Quote reference be carried over to an Invoice?

    I prepare a quote, and once the work is complete I prepare an invoice.

    When I look at the invoice on Sage BCA there is a link to the Quote, but when I print (or PDF) the quote there is no reference to the quote anymore. 

    Can I prepare the printed (PDF…

  • Delay in the Incoming Bank Transactions


    How come it takes over a day, sometimes 2 for Bank Transfers to appear in the Bank Transactions feed. It if appears on the bank statement surely it should appear in Sage??

    It is annoying because it means you have to wait 2 days before you can reconcile…

  • Switching between multiple Contacts within a single customer when creating Quotes and Invoices

    When creating quotes and Invoices we regularly need to switch between customer contacts to ensure that the correct name appears on the invoice. This is usually for larger organisations where the cost centre is the same but the department or person requesting…

  • Lost transaction.

    Made a cash deposit at the bank.

    Transaction showed in 'Banking'.

    Went to match the relevant invoices to the transaction.

    I'd recorded an invoice amount incorrectly so the total of the invoices didn't match the total deposit at the bank.…

  • Paypal Working Capital loan

    Hi Sage city!

    I want to know that which category and Nominal code does PayPal Working Capital Loan belong in sale business cloud.

  • Sub account

    Hi Sage city!

    I want to know, How do I create a sub-account in sage online?

  • New customer problem

    Hi. I have signed up today and thought I was doing OK. But somewhere I have messed everything up. Is it possible to reset everything to zero so that I can start again?


  • User Reviews wanted for Manuonline and Sage Business Cloud

    I have a small manufacturing client who we have set up on Sage 50c, we have been running a basic MRP operation for them using the Sales Order Processing, BOMs, Purchase Order Processing etc.  However they are now looking at having a separate system that…

  • How to account for a wage 'sub'

    Good evening all,

    I have already spoken to somebody in Sage who is looking into this for me but just thought I'd ask in here to so I can tick a job off his list if I find the answer.

    Basically, there has been a £300 bank payment to a member of staff…

  • Sage Business Cloud - Journal Upload

    I can see I can import purchase and sales transactions in the Sales ledger and Purchase ledger sections.

    How do you import a journal into Sage Business Cloud - has this function been developed yet?

    If not, why not??

    I needed to do a prepayment and accruals…

  • Does Sage Intelligence work with Excel 2019 64bit?

    After years with Sage 50, we've switched, and I'm struggling to get useful reports - budgets, projects and the like.  So I'm exploring Custom Reports in Sage Intelligence, feeding data to Excel 2019/64bit.

    I've followed the tutorials, but every…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting : Refunds in more than one part for partially paid sales invoices

    I have some refunds to enter in two parts ie the refunds will take place at 2 different dates.

    The initial invoice was either paid in full or partially paid by the customers.

    This is what I have done so far:

    1. Invoice raised for £500 for Accommodation…

  • Customisation of vat codes

    Not sure if this is the right place, really wanted to submit an idea!

    Please can you amend the vat code structure within Business cloud accounting so we can use different vat codes other than the normal. I need a vat code to use a vat code of 9.6% as…

  • Newly VAT registered..... HELP!

    I have been using Sage for the past 5 years for our business but literally only using the invoicing and recording payments features. I have never linked our bank up or anything and now we have gone VAT registered from May 1st.

    I believe I need to set…

  • Bank Rec question!

    So sat stressed out of my mind doing the recs month by month for EOY. Came to August and have managed to somehow set the date for Aug 2020 without realising. So now my bank rec screen looks like this

    Statement Date Reconciled By Reference Starting…
  • Asset account missing from Sage Intelligence reports

    I've discovered that one of my asset accounts in Sage Business Cloud Accounting is not included in my Sage Intelligence reports.  The account is visible in Sage reports (eg the Balance Sheet report) but missing from all the standard (and custom) reports…