Supplier Transaction Report

Is there a report I can run in Sage One Accounting to show transactions history for a single supplier or customer?  How else do you reconcile a ledger?

  • Hi Janet, 

    Go to Sales Ledger > Customers or to Purchase Ledger > Suppliers and select who you want to look at. 

    Then you can either: 

    a) choose a date range on the 'Activity' tab, check the box I've circled in red to select all lines and then choose how to get your report from the bit I've highlighted in green (I usually go for the CSV option so it's easy to do things with and can be made to not spread across so many pages!). 


    b) use the blue 'Manage' button and select 'Statements', then click the blue 'Manage Statements' and choose to print or export to CSV. If you find that this option only shows outstanding invoices and no payments, you'll need to go into Settings > Business Settings > Statement Settings and select whether you want to show all transactions or outstanding only. 

    I hope that helps. 


  • Thanks Annie

    I could not find any references to this in the help section!

    Kind regards