How to remove 'Pay Now' button on selected invoices

When I uncheck the "Allow your customer to make an online card payment" on the invoice page, it still puts the 'Pay Now' button the invoice - how do I stop this happening ?



  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    I am sorry for the delay in replying to your question.

    Pay now button still showing on an invoice is something we are aware of at the moment and is currently logged with our developers to stop this happening. 

    If you are able to email our support team at [email protected] with your details so we can find your account, they will be able to add your details to this issue.  This will mean we can contact you directly when we get any updates from our developers.

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    Sage UKI

  • Hi Jade, 

    I've just been trying new Invoice Styles and this still seems to be an issues 11 months on - Is there a timeline for this?

  • Hi Jade,

    I have just joined this group; my aim in joining was to raise this very issue.

    Sadly I see that [email protected] raised this issue over two years ago.

    Surely there is a blockage within Sages own system that can allow an issue to continue for over two years.

    I, too, find it very annoying that even when you click on the button "Allow your customer to make an online card payment?" the "pay now" button remains on the invoice.

    Now I am not a programmer, but I do manage and edit/create my own website, and if I do not wish for an option to be shown, then it is not shown.

    Ninety-nine percent of my customers have to pay for the goods they want on order, so sending them an invoice that has a pay now button still on it confuses my customers and gives a totally unprofessional image to my customers.

    I also note that Oli Coops asked for an update on this matter and has not received a reply from what I can see.

    Your Technical support team are fully aware of this issue, so my question to you, jade, is, when will this matter be sorted out?