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Making Repeat Invoices and Payments Simple

Did you know that you can also create a Recurring Sales Invoice?

This simple process can save hours of time if you have repeat customers. You can create your invoices as normal, then set them as ‘recurring’. Choose the frequency of the invoice as ‘Daily’, ‘weekly’, or ‘monthly’, and even set it to recur ‘every 2 weeks’, or every 6 months’ for example. Ensuring your customers are always invoiced on time. You will have full control over the start and end dates of the recurrences, and should you need to pause or stop the recurring invoice, you can do so with just 2 clicks in your Recurring Invoices tab.

To read more about how to set up Recurring Invoices, please visit help guide.

To make paying your overheads much simpler, we also have Recurring Entries. These are bank payments or receipts that you can set up to repeat regularly as ‘Other Payments’ and ‘Other Receipts’; meaning they should only be used for transactions that you are not invoiced for, such as your direct debits for utilities.

Recurring Payments can be easily identified in your bank activity by this symbol  . You can choose the frequency and amount of the Recurring Entry, as well as the ledger code. You can also choose the date of the final posting if your payments are only for a set period of time. To learn more about Recurring Entries, please visit our help guide.