Reissuing Vat Invoices


My brother in law started a cafe at a golf club.  He was not registered for VAT and had me issue 8 invoices over the last few months to the golf club (they charge customers for the meals and he invoices them).  They are insisting that he registers for VAT which we have done and I was expecting to be able to amend the invoices already raised to show the VAT element so I can forward these to the Customer (the Golf Club).  However, I can't amend the invoices because they have been allocated a payment.  I can't delete the payment because the bank has been reconciled which I don't seem to be able to undo either.  I also can't raise a credit note for the same reason so I can't do it that way. 

I know how to amend the accounts with a journal so our side is correct for the VAT return however the customer requires an invoice that shows the vat...   anyone got any ideas? 



  • Hello,

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    Apologies for delay in getting back to you. How I would deal with this is to find the payment in the banking, if you can click on the bank transactions and you can unallocate the invoice from the payment by checking the box on the left hand side and then saving. Once this has been done you can then credit the invoice. Create a new invoice which will pick up the vat element. Once this has been done the final step would be to go to the customer record, select manage, account allocation and then check the payment against the invoice and then save. Hope this makes sense.

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