financial year end


Just updating accounting dates for financial year end.

  • current year end date 31/03/20
  • year end lockdown - have just updated this to 31/03/20 (happy everything is up to date)
  • Accounts start date 01/04/19

So do I now change current yr end date to 31/03/21 and accounts start date to 01/04/20 and leave lockdown as 31/03/20?

Or do I have to wait until my accountant has printed off all of the reports they need for financial year end?


  • Hi Catherine

    Thanks for using Sage City


    Yes, just change the year end date to 31/03/2021, leave the lockdown date as 31/03/2020.

    Do not change the accounts start date, this is the date from which you started using the program (ie the first ‘live’ transaction)


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