Purchase Orders


I have SAGE One (Accountant partner edition) and I would like to be able to create Purchase Orders within SAGE. As far as I can see, this only comes with much more expensive versions ?
I only create about 10 to 15 Purchase Orders per year but for sometimes quite large amounts and therefore it would be great if the liability was in SAGE. At the moment I just use a spreadsheet to track my PO's, to record when issued, when the supplier sent their invoice and when due for payment etc...
Obviously, once the supplier issues their invoice this can go into SAGE but there is the gap period from when I manually issue the PO to the supplier and they submit their invoice when goods are delivered. This can be as long as 3 months since I buy equipment which can be on long delivery.

Any ideas - plus can anyone confirm which version of SAGE accounts includes ability to create Purchase Orders ?