Help needed with bank rec for novice

Can someone help? I was catching up with long overdue bank recs. I found an invoice that looked like it hadn't been paid but I had accidently marked it paid on the wrong date. 

Anyhow my attempts to correct it made it worse. I now have a Customer Receipt with no invoice that has €400 left to allocate and I cant get my bank rec to balance. I'm also getting the message "You can’t edit this transaction as it has an associated payment or refund.". Is there any way I can make this go away?

  • Hi DJDupuy,

    Thanks for using Sage City City dusk. Sorry for the delay getting back to you!

    So if this was a Sales Invoice that you marked as paid on the wrong date, and then bank reconciled it - You'd need to first unallocate the invoice from the original payment, and then Refund the payment. This will post transactions to reverse the effect of the original transaction on your accounts. 

    After that, you can post the payment again as intended. And when reconciling the bank, you need to flag all transactions generated by the reversal, and the new transaction too. Then it'll all balance out again Slight smile

    I hope this is helpful, if you need any more help please get in touch.



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