Think I have set up a Client

I set up my first client in Business Cloud Partner Edition recently, I had not received my migration help call so had worked through the process myself and think I have messed up the client access. I am being charged correctly for the subscription so think it is under the correct license.

The client has so far not activiated his invite to the cloud to start processing his sales invoices so Ihave time to sort it out before the start of April.  The client is supposed to only have access to sales invoicing and possibly reports, however when I open the accounting software and go through to user managemenths shows as system manager and full access.  I have removed the tick from system manager and type of access to restricted, however as soon as I click save I get the message below:-

I have tried adding another user into the client company using my personal email address instead of my business one to make that user the system manage however the program will not allow me to do so, I also tried changing the client's details in my client list to my presonal email address thinking that might then let me change the actual client's user but that does not work.

Please advise how I can change their access, they are not computer savvy so I don't want them accidentally alter a setting.