As I understand it emailing clients accounts as PDF's will not meet data protection requirements under the new rules. Are Sage going to give us a way of securely sending these? How do other people handle this?

  • HELP - Opening balances

    Hi - totally new to Sage and i have a free trail for Sage final accounts and having trouble with opening balances.

    i do not have data on SAGE one and am looking to produce mock YE accounts.

    i have posted my comparative TB which is fine and my current…

  • I think that accounts production needs an automated back up and archive process.

    Archiving old year ends means each year end has to be manually backed up, and then deleted. This takes a long time. If Sage provided an automated system, then all of the old year ends could be backed up quickly using a small amount of people time. This…

  • MTD for VAT

    We currently use Sage Accounts Production to record some clients' day to day transactions (usually written up quarterly) and produce a VAT report from which the returns are prepared. Quarterly and annual accounts are also produced. Will Accounts Production…