Bank transactions

Hi All,

I need help please, I am pulling my hair out!

I have linked my bank account and I can see a list of incoming transactions.

I have created rules and I can see they have been applied, I still need to apply rules to some transactions.

I am stuck, totally stuck.

How do I get the transactions with rules out of incoming transactions to somewhere else such as ledgers?

Then I can see other transactions that need rules then create the rules  At the moment there are so many incoming transactions I can't scroll to find the transactions without rules.

I really am stuck. 

Please help!

Many thanks,


  • Good morning Carmen,

    I’m sorry to hear you are struggling.

    This forum is for Sage Accounts Production (desktop software), which I don’t think is the product you’re using. From your description, I think you may be using Sage Business Cloud Accounting (online software), so I asked a colleague about your issue and they advised the following:

    “You can click “Create all” to apply all matched rules. Those transactions will then vanish from the list. Or you can manually do 1 transaction at a time and either click Create or Discard, after which it will vanish from the list.”

    He added that there isn’t currently a filter to see all transaction with/without rules, but this feedback will be logged by the team.

    I hope this helps in some way,

    Kind regards,

    Sue Brownhill-Smith

    (Product department at Sage)