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I am not logged into Sage Accounts Production but on the network it is showing that I am logged in, thereby using up one of our concurrent licences. How do I log out ? (I have tried opening Sage Accounts Production and closing it but it still shows me as logged in). I have searched the SAGE help site to no avail. 

  • Hello Keith - Thank you for your query.

    We can happily assist with clearing your logged on users. To do this I will need to ask that you call our helpline on UK - 0845 111 1111, IRL - 01890 923208. We would need a technician to remote on to your system to use a password protected area of Accounts Production.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
  • This happens to us a lot. Is there a way to do avoid this or fix it ourselves as phoning up every time is a waste of our time.
  • Hi Elizabeth,

    If you experiencing repeat occurrences of this issue then I will ask that you first of all confirm with your IT support that your workstations have full permissions to your softwareâ€Tms data directory and also firewall exceptions have been added to ensure the signal being sent back to the server when a user is exiting Sage Accounts Production is not being blocked and leaving the username still marked as in use within the application. We also request that your IT support investigate whether an unexpected crash in the software or network disconnection is not occurring just before you experience the problem.


    Zoheb Agha

    Technical Support Advisor, UKI AD Customer Services
  • Locate and delete the file called APUsers.bin. This file keeps information about logged in users.