• Updating Sage Accounts Production Advanced?

    If you're looking to update your copy of Sage Accounts Production Advanced, our handy guide has some quick steps and links to any required downloads.

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  • New Sage Accounts Production Advanced Support Hub

    Our new SAPA support hub is now available, giving you the information you need to get the most from your software. topics include:

    • Installation
    • Working with clients
    • Entering transactions
    • Working with reports
    • eFiling with Companies house.

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  • Operating loss in management information pages, for profit-making consolidated financial statements

    I am getting this issue when preparing group accounts, for a parent which is loss-making, but the subsidiary is profit-making. The overall results yield an operating profit, however in the detailed income statement it states operating loss when it is…

  • CHAR102 Master, SAPA 2018 Update 1 - List of Trustees on Trustees Report

    Call reference: 180119-2FDD3. 

    SAPA is not recognising appointment/resignation dates for Trustees. As such, list of Trustees on the Trustees Report shows people who resigned 10 years ago.

    2nd line support says it is a bug.

    We pay a lot for software, and…

  • SAPA Performance Optimisation Question

    Hello, I am planning to replace our server this Spring, and am looking to get the best for a smooth running of SAPA for users.

    Currently some are raising issues of latency when drilling down or changing tabs, not a lot, perhaps a few seconds, but long…

  • CHAR102 Disclosure data errors

    I am having an issue with disclosure data in a charity. I have changed figures that have been entered, and when I come out and go back in, the figures have reverted to what they were previously. If I remove the figure, come out and go back in, there is…

  • Officers and professional advisers

    When we change the qualification in Headings to Chartered Accountants, it comes up with Chartered Accountantss in the accounts, however, we need the qualification to be Chartered Accountants in order that the heading on the Accountants Report reads properly…

  • Preserving settings during SAPA updates

    We have noticed during the last few updates that several ROP settings have changed as a result of the update. This update is installed by our IT department, and we do not get involved in the actual installation. Is there a way to preserve the ROPS - particularly…