Moved SAPA from Server 2008 to 2019, frequent connectivity problems

Hi folks

We have recently moved a client's SAPA v20.00.00.43 installation from a retiring 2008 Server to a new Server 2019 box on newer, better hardware.  Since the move, clients are getting problems several times a day, such as the application hanging / freezing for a minute or two, also errors such as :

"An error has occurred when trying to read from file 'cnameref.cdb'.  Network, timeout or permissions problem"
"positioing fault reading a lock table chunk"

The system is unusable and client wants to move it back to the old 2008 server to allow people to work.

Sage support have advised checking AV, which we have ruled out.  Also have reset permissions to the folder where SAPA data is shared from to ensure all users have full r/w access.

The server is not struggling for resources, and the above errors happen with a single user in the system.

Can anyone recommend alternative solutions to fix this problem?

Kind regards


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