Financial Instruments Note

I have suppressed the note through the ROPs, h, fin, so why does it come up as a warning that the note has not been populated when running the accounts?

  • Thank you for your feedback on this note to the accounts.

    It is a complex note with a lot of different output rules applied to it, due to the complexities around company size, types of financial instrument and updates of the accounting standards.

    The report option you are describing (rop.acc.h.fin) is to suppress the financial instruments accounting policy and not the note to the accounts unfortunately.

    In most scenarios, the financial instruments note will only be included if the disclosure memo codes are posted to or the reportpads are populated. As it is not prompted based on nominal postings, it is often overlooked and so we add a warning to the accounts to alert users that there may be a disclosure requirement, without which the accounts wouldn’t be compliant.

    The note may not always be applicable, but we cannot judge that ourselves based on the information held, therefore the warning will always be present unless populated.

    It is purposely not titled an ‘error’ as it does not have to be observed for the accounts to be correct and may remain uncleared in the draft accounts if it is not applicable.

    The errors, warnings and advice page will not show when the accounts are marked as final.

    I hope this explains our approach.

    Kind regards,

    Sue Brownhill-Smith (Sage)