SAPA Performance Optimisation Question

Hello, I am planning to replace our server this Spring, and am looking to get the best for a smooth running of SAPA for users.

Currently some are raising issues of latency when drilling down or changing tabs, not a lot, perhaps a few seconds, but long enough to be annoying!

Here is a summary of what we have at present:

15 users on a

Gigabit network
each workstation running Windows 10 64 bit, with 4GB RAM, Intel i3 Processors
Server Dell PowerEdge T410, Running Microsoft Small Business server 2012, with 32GB RAM,Intel Xeon E5620 Processor

Could anyone advise on what is best to maximise (and test?) performance and what systems specs they might go for if they were upgrading?

Many thanks

  • Hi Brendan,

    Thank you for your query!

    Here is a link which gives you an overview of the basic system requirements for our Practice products:

    In regards to the all round system performance with SAPA, it can take a little time in order to run the accounts as there are so many background formats which need to be scanned as part of the preview process.

    The only thing I could really recommend to ensure that SAPA is giving optimum performance is to make sure that the HC folder and all of it's contents are excluded from any Anti Virus or Firewall scans. This will make sure that the files which are being read and the background formats that need to be run can do so without any interference from 3rd party software.

    I hope this helps! Please get back in touch if you need any further information!

    Kind regards,