• Webinar - Get your payroll done - Recording now available

    Join us on Thursday 17 November @ 2:00pm for a live webinar where we’ll take you through a payroll run and month end tasks in Sage 50 Payroll.

    What's included?

    • Starters and Leavers. 
    • Enter your employees’ payments.
    • Produce payslips or…
  • Do you use Sage HR Online Services?

    If you use Sage HR Online Services to upload online payslips for your employees, we recommend making your employees aware of their support options if they have queries or issues using this online payslips platform.

    We have a dedicated support hub available…

  • Change the way Zero Values on Payslips works

    Currently the 'Show Zero Values on Payslip' tick box will show all employee pay elements on the payslip. It would be very helpful to show only those Zero Values that have a non-zero value in the Hours/Units field - thanks for reading

  • Zero values on Payslips

    Hi all,

    it would be extremely helpful for me that-  rather than showing all zero 'amount' elements on the payslip, when the box is ticked in Company | Settings, that

    only zero 'amounts' that have a positive value in 'Hours' are shown. I can't see…

  • Name Spelling Error on sage payslip portal

    Hi someone has brought to my attention that their name 'Lynette' is spelt wrong on her payslips via the online sage documents portal. I have changed it to 'Lynnette' with 2 'ns' on sage payroll, but on the online documents it is still the wrong spelling…

  • Online Payslips


    Using online payslips - if an employee wants to change their emails address, do the previously uploaded online documents delete or can you just go into the details amend the email address and do the same in the Sage 50 Payroll software.

    We are having…

  • Improve your HR processes

    Why not improve the way you do HR and upload your payslips to CakeHR by Sage Online Services?  

    No more printing payslips or buying stationery, as your employees can access their own payslips any time online from their computer, tablet or mobile device. You…

  • Producing employee payslips in Sage 50cloud Payroll

    You must give your employees a copy of their payslip on or before each payday. There are a few ways of producing payslips in Sage 50cloud Payroll. You can:

    • upload them to Sage Online Payslips
    • print them 
    • email them

    Find out more about producing employee…

  • Online services payroll unable to register

    Hi everyone,

    I have an issue with Online Services in Payroll 50cloud. I registered last week, uploaded payslips and everything was fine. When I came to upload them again this week, it asked me to log in and then there was info about registering my company…

  • Online Payslips


    We have recently moved our weekly paid staff to the online payslips and I have a couple of employees who are having difficulty seeing their payslip.  

    One employee is on android and when they click on the link in the new payslip email, it takes them…

  • Cannot access my payslip

    The error I normally have is below

    Sorry, there's been an error

    You do not have permission to access this page.

    We apologise for the inconvenience. It seems the item or page you're looking for does not exist or has been moved.

    Please click below…

  • Online portal for employees to access their payslips - issue with password generation?

    Hi there,

    I have received notification from a number of employees who have had issues when logging into the online portal to access their payslips.  One employee advised they copy and pasted the original password which was set up when I added them as a…

  • No Password reset Email


    My company switched to using this service a few months a go, I have come to view my payslip this month and needed to chose the option to reset my password, I have received no email with link to reset. I have tried this several times over the course…

  • Online portal payslips

    I have a staff member who has changed surname since getting married & so her email address has changed.  How do I update this on the system with just deleting and creating a new login?  I don't want her to lose all the historical payslips that have…

  • Where do I find edited and saved reports on my computer

    I edited a payslip using the report designer and saved with a different name.  I cannot find it on my computer (or locate any other reports).  Please can you let me know how to find them.


  • Email Payslips - Change default email text?

    I can generate electronic payslips that get pushed to outlook ready to send just fine but where can I alter the default text that appears in the email itself? 

    At present its just a generic notice about the report being generated as a pdf and download…

  • Learn how to create email payslips for your employees

    It's easier than you think!

    Our webinar takes you through the steps needed to switch to an email payslip system, cutting down on costs and time.

    Click here to watch (it's only just over 40 mins long, so you can easily watch it while you have your…

  • Password on historical payslips

    Does anyone know how to set historical payslips sent by email so that they are password protected?
  • Automated Payslips

    We currently use Automated payslips for some employees, however some of our employees do not have email addresses and do not want to have them.

    In your help articles it states we can either host these on line OR get these sent to the employer or employee…

  • Some Newbie questions.

    Hi, I am a newbie to Micropay,

    1.If I create a company how can I print a report showing the company details?

    2. How do I do a payroll summary weekly report.

    3. I can view a payslip in the Edit/Employees screen, but, if I use the "View/Print Payslips" icon…

  • emailing payslips

    Hi, I'm trying to set up emailing payslips and have worked through articles 26449 and 18400 as best as I can understand them. I've updated each member of staff and am trying to test it on myself. I thought was going well in that I got a message saying…
  • Payslip Wording for Salary Exchange

    We are about to switch our pension scheme to be on a salary exchange basis. We have tested this on Sage Payroll and the layout is fine but we would prefer to amend the wording from Salary Sacrifice to Salary Exchange - Pension to be clearer to employ…

  • How do you show the outstanding loan balance on a payslip

    Several employees have company loans, and I would like to show the loan balance on the payslip. Is this possible?
  • Copy Payslips


    What is the obligation of an employer when it comes to providing copies of payslips? I know that employers legally have to provide them initially but what if an employee subsequently asks for copies? 

    Although we try to be helpful, it is becoming…

  • Sage Payroll emailing payslips - Outlook (Office 365)

    Does anyone know when Sage Payroll will work with Outlook (Office 365) to email payslips. I am back in the dark days of printing, stuffing envelopes and posting now and it is driving me crazy