• Process dates, paying employees and HMRC

    Hello all,

    I’ve never worked in payroll before – I have zero prior knowledge or experience – but since I’m in need of a career change, I’ve been looking into the possibility of becoming a payroll assistant. Over the past month I’ve been ploughing my way…

  • Pension Data Resend?

    Hi everyone,

    I have recently taken over our weekly Payroll role temporarily whilst we await a new member of staff. I normally only do holiday cover but my colleague has suddenly left the business. They have obviously had an issue from week 36 (7th Dec…

  • Sage 50cloud payroll V26.01.105 update


    Could someone help me with updates. 

    I have a software update waiting to install, however, it is V26.02.105. My version number is showing as 27.01.105. 

    I am abit confused as to what this update is for if i am on V27. This wouldn't be for the license…

  • How do I stop the IR secure mailbox from crashing

    Hi, everytime I try to open the IR secure mailbox to check for new tax codes Sage crashes and kicks me out. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Transferring RTI to Sage 50cloud Payroll

    We currently use sage accounting and have added sage 50 payroll.  I'm in the process of migrating the information over from HMRC RTI and have a few questions:

    1. Once we have migrated the information do I need to do anything with the HMRC RTI? run P32 

  • Online Payslips


    Using online payslips - if an employee wants to change their emails address, do the previously uploaded online documents delete or can you just go into the details amend the email address and do the same in the Sage 50 Payroll software.

    We are having…

  • Notional Pay


    From previous requests I know that Sage previously doesn't have the option for Notional Pay function within the software.

    Given the requirements of Furlough and salary sacrifice process has sage 50 payroll got anything to cater for this?

    If anyone…

  • Timesheet Zero Hours staff when furlough ends in October

    I have 1 member of staff on a zero hours contract who has been told they are unfurloughed as of 30th Sept and will be working variable hours in October. They are paid in arrears so the hours they record on their October timesheet will be paid on November…

  • Furlough or not.... assistance needed, please

    Hi All

    We have a new employee, contract started 9th March 2020, however as their March pay was not FPS (RTS) submitted until 25th March (after the Government guideline date for furlough), at present we have said NO to furlough.  Can anyone advise or update…

  • April pay and furlough

    Does anybody know if the module works when trying to calculate a payroll from 30.03.20 to 26.04.20 (across 2 tax year)?

    been sitting like a lemon, for more than 30 minutes, while my list of things to do is growing by the minutes and still nothing from…

  • Printing reports

    This would normally be easily solved, but with COVID-19......

    I am accountant and I trying to get my client to print off the Payment History (Parts 1 & 2) by date for the 19/20 tax year. Unfortunately, I don;t have a copy of SAGE payroll here, but he…

  • SAGE Problem

    Hi All

    I am getting an issue where items have suddenly gone grey?  Does anyone have any idea how to get these back please? (hope you can see it!!)

    Thanks very much

  • Cannot access my payslip

    The error I normally have is below

    Sorry, there's been an error

    You do not have permission to access this page.

    We apologise for the inconvenience. It seems the item or page you're looking for does not exist or has been moved.

    Please click below…

  • SSP errors

    I have an issue with SSP errors.

    I had processed our August month 5 pay and updated and sent an FPS.  I then asked our IT support company to update the version of Sage Payroll to the latest version.  During this it crashed and would not allow log in. They…

  • V25.03 update problem

     I have tried to download the update to V25.03 following instructions as given in the email received for installation of update.

    However - having logged onto to the support page successfully I am presented with the message as ringed

    "You do not have…

  • Nominal link to sage 50 accounts not working

    I've upgraded to V25 for both Sage payroll and accounts, the nominal link between sage payroll and accounts isn't working.  It displays an error message stating that the software may have been moved.  When I try to navigate it to the correct location…

  • How do I point a PC client to User defined reports on a network server?

    New installation of software on a PC. I want the central reports to be visible

  • Send Pension Data Task - Leaver Employee Appearing

    When i click on "Send Pension Data" one of our leavers who left us is appearing in the list of pension data to send (see image below). His pension data is appearing in every payment run since his postponement ended so it's like the pension module still…

  • National holiday entitlement

    A number of our part time employees work some Bank Holidays.  If my settings has 'include Bank Holiday entitlement' ticked, will it affect their entitlement?

  • Lost data

    Our laptop has been affected by a virus and we have lost all of our sage payroll data.  How do we recover the data to another machine in the meantime??


  • Payment overrides

    Does anyone know if it's possible to print a list of the payment overrides that are already set up in the nominal link (Sage 50 Payroll)?

  • SBDDesktop.exe not working in Sage 50 Payroll (Windows 8.1)

    We have tried completely uninstalling Sage 50 payroll and reinstalling, but still getting the same error message

  • FPS "Have you conducted a Right to Work check?"

    I am just about to start sending my FPS for this week and note that the following is included in the Important Notice page of the FPS: "You have selected to submit the FPS details for ...... to the Government Gateway and, on an anonymous basis, send…
  • Setting up mobile phone costs

    I have realised (a bit late I know) that some of our staff are claiming their mobile phone costs through expenses and these should have been recorded through payroll and we should have been deducting tax and NI from them. Can anyone explain how I need…
  • How do I process SSP & SMP when they are paid a week in hand?

    I have a lady on payroll who is paid a week in hand, i.e. for last week 13-17th she will get paid this Friday 24th .

    This week ( 20-24th ) she has been signed off so is on SSP, but that payment will not be reflected until she is paid next Friday 3rd Mar…