• Allocate Employee's pay across more than one department

    On Sage 50Cloud Payroll, is it possible to allocate an employee's pay across more than one department to allow us to time apportion their salary?

    There are older questions on here similar to this but is this possible in V27

  • Include in holiday accrual & weekly average checkboxes


    Please could you explain the two checkboxes in the payment settings:

    Include for holiday accrual


    Include for weekly averages.

    For instance the pay element holiday pay. Do these 2 x boxes need selecting? 

    Also we now have a pay element "furlough…

  • Non Tax Resident Employees

    We employee some short-term contract EEA citizens who come to the UK from their home country for up to 6 weeks to work for us in the UK.  

    As they are in the UK for less than 183 days, they are not tax resident in the UK but tax resident in their home country…

  • Employee Limit on Sage50

    Hi guys

    Can anyone tell me what we need to do now we are reaching the 50 employee limit on Sage 50cloud Payroll? I have been looking around for Sage payroll software for 51+ employees and can't find anything, 



  • Specified entitlement holiday scheme - picking up holiday taken


    We are a payroll bureau and Sage is but one of the systems we use so apologies if this question seems naive...

    I've just set up the above scheme for a client.

    They pay elements have all been configured to (or not as appropriate) to be included…

  • Online portal for employees to access their payslips - issue with password generation?

    Hi there,

    I have received notification from a number of employees who have had issues when logging into the online portal to access their payslips.  One employee advised they copy and pasted the original password which was set up when I added them as a…

  • Notifying Upload of P60's

    I have successfully uploaded the P60's, however, no notifications have been sent to any employees to say that it is there for them to access.

    How can a notification be sent to everyone to advise their electronic P60 is available for viewing.


  • Pension Employee Rate Report

    I would like to run a report which shows each employees pension contribution rate please.  It isn't the contribution value that I want to see, but rather their rate stored within each employees record.

    Some of our employees have chosen to increase…

  • National holiday entitlement

    A number of our part time employees work some Bank Holidays.  If my settings has 'include Bank Holiday entitlement' ticked, will it affect their entitlement?

  • Payroll year end - opening hours and your common questions answered

    We know it can sometimes be difficult to reach us at this time of year. But rest assured we work hard each and every year making sure we not only answer as many calls as possible, but that we also get all your top questions published straight away for…

  • Monday Motivation: flexible working is here

    Today, flexible working comes into place. Is your business ready? We’ll also look at the top stories which include the impact of the World Cup and how the Bank of England may be blocking business loans.

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    Vince Cable hits out at…

  • Monday Motivation: it’s employment week

    What have our stories got in common? They’re mostly about employment. From a new EU ruling that affects companies that pay sales-based commission to the changes in salaries, read up on what’s happening with staffing.

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    EU rules…

  • Monday Motivation: time for new website domains

    Is your business signing up for the new top level domains? With new ones being released, we look at the pros and cons of buying in.

    And this week, there’s news about changes to legislation around running a business from home and some shocking figures…

  • Monday Motivation: new ruling says overtime affects holiday pay

    Last week, the Employment Appeal Tribunal made a significant ruling about overtime and how it affects holiday pay. 

    In other news, banking is under review. And there’s news that stress is the main cause of absence at work - we look at how your business…

  • Monday Motivation: are you ready for today’s legislation changes?

    Five new legislation changes come into force today, mostly in connection with parental leave and pay. There’s also new legislation around information obtained through the Data Protection Act.

    And in the news, research finds finance professionals…

  • Monday Motivation: new EU ruling on redundancy

    Do you know about the new EU ruling on redundancy consultations? There’s lots of discussion about what this means for businesses.

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    With a new study showing that more than half of job applications have errors, businesses can find it hard to make informed decisions about candidates. We look at what you can do to spot these errors when you’re recruiting and make sure you’re choosing…

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    As nominations open for the Observer Ethical Awards, we look at how UK businesses behave and whether an ethical approach could increase growth.

    Firstly, in other the news, businesses say they want clearer government initiatives and, in the run-up to the…

  • Monday Motivation: holiday pay and commission

    Back in May 2014, the European Court ruled that holiday pay must include commission. Last week, the UK employment tribunal clarified how that change applied in the UK. We have the details.

    Firstly, in other news, the Consumer Rights Act aims to simply…

  • Monday Motivation: mental health at work

    After the news about the tragedy of the Germanwings crash, there’s an increasing focus on mental health at work. But a new report shows that almost 70% of managers don’t think mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety or depression, warrant time off…

  • Monday Motivation: are you ready for parental leave?

    The new parental leave regulations came into place in December 2014 but as of 5th April parents of babies born on that date or after (or adopted) are eligible to opt into the shared parental leave scheme.  However, there’s reports that many businesses…

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    New research has shown that unproductive days cost businesses £250 million a year. We look at the main causes and how you can address them.

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    May brings two Bank Holidays but in order to enjoy the time off, it’s important that businesses prepare. We look at the steps to take to ensure you have a relaxing time off.

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  • Monday Motivation: small businesses and apprenticeships

    The key story dominating the news has been the election result. But there has been other important news relating to an appeal about the ruling on including commission in holiday pay.

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    Research released last week showed that more than 40% of employees have gained weight while in their current job. Many cite the office environment as contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle. We look at what employers can do to help.

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