• Payroll Reports are incorrect

    My payroll reports are not matching what actually happened. I have employees with first month of pension contribution that show on there payslip but not on the reports. The reports show zero pension contribution for two employees. Has anyone seen this…

  • Ignoring Employee List exclude Criteria in reports


    We upgraded our Sage Payroll this month (along with our computers) and it seems a lot of our customised setting were reset (it may have been the way the upgrade was done by IT); one effect of this was that the Employee List Criteria was changed to…


    Hi.  We have an employee who has a CSA against him.  When I originally set this up I didn't put in a protected earnings percentage as his payment was for only a few pounds, but it has now gone up considerably and his wages is lower than usual this week…

  • Email Payslip report - Sage report designer

    Hi All,

    I recently learned how to send a payslip via email (from sage to email) saved as individual payslip pdf for each employee (rather than one file)

    Basically needed to set up email settings with the email type payslip.

    My only issue is the template…

  • Additional Employee Pension Contributions

    An employee wants to make additional pension contributions of a fixed amount on top of his statutory employee pension contributions. How do I set this up on Sage Payroll?

  • Copying Sage 50 Payroll configuration file from old pc to new pc

    Hi Support/Community,

    I have got Sage 50 Payroll installed on old pc and having a lot of companies data which are sitting on the server.

    Now i have got new pc and install latest sage 50 payroll software.

    Is there way that i don't need to do manual adding…

  • Mandatory Payroll Updates


    The last couple of Payroll updates have been mandatory and the user has to install them before getting in to the program. This is fine for people using a PC but on a shared environment such as Remote Desktop Server/Citrix this really isn't ideal…

  • Sage 50cloud payroll V26.01.105 update


    Could someone help me with updates. 

    I have a software update waiting to install, however, it is V26.02.105. My version number is showing as 27.01.105. 

    I am abit confused as to what this update is for if i am on V27. This wouldn't be for the license…

  • Messaging to highlight that pension data hasn't been sent

    I have just spoken to a customer who suggested it would be helpful to have some messaging in the program to highlight when Send Pension Data hasn't been completed for previous processing periods. Can this please be considered for future developments?…

  • Sage Payroll Backup - multi company

    Hi and good morning

    I have a multi company licence, when logged into one of the companies, if I BACKUP does this backup all companies on the multi licence or just the one that I am logged into?

    Thank you for your advice.


  • Year End Date and Week 53

    We process our payroll on a fortnightly basis, next run on Monday 22nd pay date 24th...next one would be 5th April, pay date 7th April. What date should we process our year end and do we have a week 53, very confused!

  • IR35 - processing subcontractor via payroll

    We are currently looking at subcontractor who will fall be inside IR35, can sage 50 payroll include subcontractor and how will this work, I have seen an information sheet for sage 50 cloud payroll and off payroll working rules but it doesn’t show how…

  • Directors NI and Employment allowance


    Sage has recalculated a director's NI and they are due a refund.  On the P32 the employer NI to pay shows as a negative figure and employment allowance is £0.00 so won't cancel it out as I expected to happen.

    I'm not too worried in this…

  • Calculate Salary Sacrifice on Factored pay elements

    What is says on the title.  Currently if you have a factored pay elements a Salary Sacrifice Pension will not be calculated on the factored element.  Allow this to happen.

    Factored elemetns are great to automatically work out the hourly rate when you are…

  • Transferring RTI to Sage 50cloud Payroll

    We currently use sage accounting and have added sage 50 payroll.  I'm in the process of migrating the information over from HMRC RTI and have a few questions:

    1. Once we have migrated the information do I need to do anything with the HMRC RTI? run P32 

  • Improvements to the Portal - change of employee reference numbers

    The online portal needs some improvements. We need to be able to link accounts for employees that have either restarted or moved company within the group. Also, we should have the option for payslips to show either the Employee ref number of their Works…

  • Sage Payroll Report Designer, edited report will not save

    I have edited the preuodate Pension report and renamed it and saved the report, I can find the report and run the report, however when I try to edit the report it opens in report designer but I can not make any changes or save it again.  Just hangs.

  • Adding new pay elements to Sage reports


    I have added two new pay elements - one for payrolled benefits in kind and another for the working from home allowance. They are displayed correctly within Enter Payments and I have successfully added them to our payslips. However, I can't work out…

  • Letters Via Payroll

    I'm sure I have sent a letter to all employees from Payroll before (that why it included all their personal details) but I can't seem to find how to do it

    Is it possible? I need to send a letter to them all about being Key Workers and the letter…

  • Notional Pay


    From previous requests I know that Sage previously doesn't have the option for Notional Pay function within the software.

    Given the requirements of Furlough and salary sacrifice process has sage 50 payroll got anything to cater for this?

    If anyone…

  • Sage 50 Payroll Integration

    Hello All,

    Just checking something. Is there a provision via which the Sage 50 payroll can be integrated to an external timesheet system. 

    Are there any import/ export options or even better any API's with which this can be done?

    Many Thanks....

  • Sage Payroll backup


    Trying to backup Sage Payroll and get the following error:

    "C:\ProgramData\Sage\Payroll\COMPANY001\Submissions\DeleteRequest.xml is currently in use in another application."

    Have rebooted the PC and still no joy - I am the only user that…

  • E-submission / IR-secure Mailbox

    would be great if we could select all employees when it comes to change their tax codes form HRMC under IR- secure mailbox and just apply to all. 

    Also once new tax code have been applied the record doesn't disappear, have to come out of Mailbox first…

  • Pension schemes data

    would be good if there was an excel spreadsheet to be able to import Annual Pensionable Salary and Effective From under employees records: Pensions/Manage schemes, as this information is provided on a pension report and not all pay elements are pensionable…

  • Global changes

    Would be great, if we could select employees and change their pay elements In Use or Not In Use under global changes