• Guide for employees using Sage HR Online Services

    If you use Sage HR Online Services to upload payslips and P60s to be viewed online, we have a handy guide for you to share with your employees. It provides an overview of common queries your employees may have on how to use this online payslips platform…

  • New Online Services

    You advise that you are "helping" us to switch to the new Sage HR Online Services, according to your e-mail today. Thanks but we are quite happy with the existing one. It's "still free" but will it be so in the future?

    Why do you…

  • Name Spelling Error on sage payslip portal

    Hi someone has brought to my attention that their name 'Lynette' is spelt wrong on her payslips via the online sage documents portal. I have changed it to 'Lynnette' with 2 'ns' on sage payroll, but on the online documents it is still the wrong spelling…

  • Improvements to the Portal - change of employee reference numbers

    The online portal needs some improvements. We need to be able to link accounts for employees that have either restarted or moved company within the group. Also, we should have the option for payslips to show either the Employee ref number of their Works…

  • Online Payslips


    Using online payslips - if an employee wants to change their emails address, do the previously uploaded online documents delete or can you just go into the details amend the email address and do the same in the Sage 50 Payroll software.

    We are having…

  • Staff loan incorrectly showing on online payslip

    I have been running Sage Cloud Payroll with online payslips for a while now with no issues. However, a staff member who received a company loan last month has pointed out an error to me. They were given a loan which was recorded on Sage Payroll using…

  • Producing employee payslips in Sage 50cloud Payroll

    You must give your employees a copy of their payslip on or before each payday. There are a few ways of producing payslips in Sage 50cloud Payroll. You can:

    • upload them to Sage Online Payslips
    • print them 
    • email them

    Find out more about producing employee…

  • Online payslips to be made more configurable

    Online payslips to be made more configurable - it would be good if the company logo and the address could be available on the download to PDF version of the online payslip.(the only details on the payslip is the company name)

    Even if you could choose …

  • Improve your HR tasks with Cake HR

    Why not improve the way you do HR and upload your payslips to CakeHR by Sage Online Services?  

    No more printing payslips or buying stationery, as your employees can access their own payslips any time online from their computer, tablet or mobile device. You…

  • Online services payroll unable to register

    Hi everyone,

    I have an issue with Online Services in Payroll 50cloud. I registered last week, uploaded payslips and everything was fine. When I came to upload them again this week, it asked me to log in and then there was info about registering my company…

  • Online Payslips


    We have recently moved our weekly paid staff to the online payslips and I have a couple of employees who are having difficulty seeing their payslip.  

    One employee is on android and when they click on the link in the new payslip email, it takes them…

  • Custom Payslip Report - Online Payslips

    We are currently exploring the possibility of introducing some of our customers of the Sage portal where their staff members can log in to view or download their payslips. Currently however, a major stumbling block for us is that it appears as though…

  • Updates to the Portal

    1. Currently reports can be uploaded to the portal through Sage. However, it would be beneficial to be able to upload documents through the portal itself. This way clients can securely upload their payroll spreadsheets for processing. 
    2. Also, you cannot upload…
  • Sage Online Document Portal - Employer Document Uploads

    Is it possible for the employer to upload their payroll spreadsheet to the portal? Or do all uploads have to be through the Sage 50 Payroll software? Thanks!

  • Messages to Employees on On-line Payslips

    Can the messages be forced to be acknowledged, so that the employees can't go any further until they have read and acknowledged the message.

    Can Groups be set up with in the employees, so that message can be sent to certain groups of staff not just…

  • Online Payslip App for Employees

    Have you got a release date for the on-line app, as I have enquiries from employees wanting to use an app rather than look at their emails?

  • Cannot access my payslip

    The error I normally have is below

    Sorry, there's been an error

    You do not have permission to access this page.

    We apologise for the inconvenience. It seems the item or page you're looking for does not exist or has been moved.

    Please click below…

  • Enable employers to see which employees have signed up to Online Documents

    We've recently started using online payslips and we'd find it useful to see which employees have created online accounts. i.e. which employees are actually accessing their payslips.

  • Online portal for payslips


    I am unable to send Payslips to the online portal as I so not have Payroll users rights - how do I correct this as I am the only payroll administrator  for the company?

    I have looked in Company - settings, and there is no where to add me.

    Can anyone…

  • Online portal for employees to access their payslips - issue with password generation?

    Hi there,

    I have received notification from a number of employees who have had issues when logging into the online portal to access their payslips.  One employee advised they copy and pasted the original password which was set up when I added them as a…

  • Uploading Payslips

    I registered in the portal last month and managed to upload the last 2 months payslips at the time.  This month when i processed the wages I obviously forgot/didn't realise that I had to click the upload online payslips (i am guessing that's where i went…

  • Remaining holiday incorrect on Online Payslip

    A number of our employees have told us that their remaining holidays are showing incorrectly on their online payslip.

    For example, one employee's shows - Holiday taken: 1, Remaining: 27.

    However on the absence page on Sage, it is showing - 0 Taken…

  • Online portal payslips

    I have a staff member who has changed surname since getting married & so her email address has changed.  How do I update this on the system with just deleting and creating a new login?  I don't want her to lose all the historical payslips that have…

  • User Passwords for online payslips


    On the reset passwords page it states that passwords must contain (among other things) a special character.  These being the following:

    (#[email protected]$%^&*-)

    Can you confirm that any of these characters work or are the brackets/parentheses not included. 

  • Sage Version 22.03 - Online Payslips


    We recently activated Online Payslips. I see on the documentation that Payroll version 22.03 is needed for this but I only see 22.02 available in the downloads section of the site. Any ideas?

    No update is available through the Sage Payroll auto-update…