Add HSBC e-banking plug-in which is Faster Payments compatible

We make all our salary and wage payments using Faster Payments.  HSBC have advised us that the e-banking file produced by Sage, using the HSBC plug-in, is designed for payment using the 3-day BACS cycle and is not compatible with Faster Payments. In contacting the Sage help Q&A, they have advised me to submit it as a suggestion here as something that could be available in the future.

What HSBC needs for Faster Payments is very similar to what Sage produces for BACS, however there are a few differences. Here is what they have told us: • The dates in your file currently are structured to the 3 day BACs processing cycle. As UK Faster payments is a same day payment type, all the dates in the file would need to be the same. This should also be the day you generate, upload and authorise the file. • The only other thing that would need to be changed to make this a faster payment file is the payment code on the UHL1 line. Currently it is ‘1bDAILYbb’ (b = blank space filled). This code should be ‘2bFPSbbbb’ (again b = blank space filled).

Please can you consider adding this?