Online Payslip Employee Login Problems

This is our first month of Online Payslip publication.  We have some staff who love it and some who are struggling to login, (including myself!).  Payslips uploaded and published.  Welcome email sent and received.  Login created and accepted.  The next screen invites the employee to log in using the details they have just created.  When they do this they are told 'The specified username/password combination was incorrect'. 

We have tried re-sending the welcome email and them repeating the process, also the reset password process.  If it were one or two bods, I'd say user error and walk them through it but it's about 30% and I am one of them.

One of your Support Community responses suggests they edit their profile, which of course they cannot do because THEY CANNOT LOG IN!

Yours, end of techie tether,


  • Hi Anya,

    There are no issues that we are aware off with the online payslips login. A common problem is with the steps on the welcome email not being followed fully. You can login to the portal as the administrator, then remove the employees who have the issue, set them back up and resend the welcome emails back out.

    If you still have issues, it will benefit you to contact support on 0845 111 5555 for further assistance and troubleshooting.