• FPS report Gross and Net payments

    Hi Community, I would like to ask a question about sage FPS report. Is there any possible way to get Gross and Net payment made to each employee on FPS report?

    As we send this information to HMRC when running RTI therefore, the FPS report printouts can…

  • Are you new to Automatic Enrolment? Take a look at the guide

    If you’re new to Auto Enrolment, you can visit our online guide by going to www.sage.co.uk/aesupport.


  • Do you run the same set of reports each time you process your Payroll?

    Did you know about the Report Selections option within both Pre and Post Update reports?

    To do this, open the relevant Reports option > Report Selections > You can then click ‘New’ to create a new selection. In this window you can name…

  • Changing an employee's pay frequency

    Sage 50 Payroll allows you to easily change an employee's pay frequency during the tax year. Although you can change the pay frequency at various times throughout the tax year, changing it at the beginning of a new tax year is the easiest time.


  • Did you forget to post a Full Payment Submission for a previous period?

    Forgetting to send a Full Payment Submission (FPS)

    The Full Payment Submission (FPS) contains:

    Starter and leaver information

    Employee information such as name, address, NI number and tax code

    Payment and deduction information, tax, NI and student loan…

  • Bureau Manager - ability to create new company directly

    There should be the ability to create a new company through a wizard in Bureau Manager itself so that it sits in the network drive.


    At the moment the process is too convoluted:

    1. create new company in Sage 50c payroll - it will default to C drive