FPS report Gross and Net payments

Hi Community, I would like to ask a question about sage FPS report. Is there any possible way to get Gross and Net payment made to each employee on FPS report?

As we send this information to HMRC when running RTI therefore, the FPS report printouts can have this information too.

  • Hi Shafiq,

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    The FPS doesn’t contain the employee’s Net pay, but it does show their Gross pay for tax.

    The FPS viewer enables you to view and print what's been included in a particular FPS. You also have the flexibility to add or remove columns from the list so you can see the exact information that's relevant to you. To access the FPS viewer click e-Submissions, then click FPS Viewer.

    If you want to print a report that contains the Gross and Net pay for an employee for the period, you can print the Payment Summary History Part 1 – By Date report in Reports > Employee.

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