Changing an employee's pay frequency

Sage 50 Payroll allows you to easily change an employee's pay frequency during the tax year. Although you can change the pay frequency at various times throughout the tax year, changing it at the beginning of a new tax year is the easiest time.


What to consider prior to changing pay frequency:

If you want to change the pay frequency of employees at the beginning of the new tax year, to make the change as easy as possible, you should do so before you start processing. If you don't do this, you'll need to follow specific rules to ensure that tax and national insurance (NI) continue to calculate properly. For example, you cannot process an employee again using a processing date that falls into a tax period that has already been updated on the old pay frequency.

Whether you are lengthening or shortening pay your pay frequency, there are tables that have been created to help you see if this change is possible, for the particular period you want to change it in. These tables can be found in Ask Sage Article 13133

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