• Support with financial year end

    If your clients' companies have financial year ends approaching, they may be making preparations to close the year down in their accounts.

    Need a helping hand? Our support hub guides you through the three main steps. We're also running free year end…

  • Import standard budgets into your clients' accounts

    When running your client's year end you can automatically apply a percentage increase on this year's budgets or actuals to create budgets for next year. But if your client uses standard budgeting and you have more complicated changes to make to their…

  • How to run a financial year end in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    Time for your clients' financial year end?

    Follow our step by step guide to completing year end in Sage 50cloud Accounts. 


  • Prevent postings before a specified date in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    Sometimes you may want to stop transactions being posted before a certain date, for example, to close down a previous month or year. You can do this using the Lock Date feature.

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  • Do you have clients at their financial year end?

    The financial year end check list will help to keep them on track in Sage 50cloud Accounts, view now >

  • Common query - Can I post into my new financial year before running the year end?

    Yes you can, Sage 50cloud Accounts is date sensitive so you can post into the new year while you finalise your year end accounts, there's no need to fall behind.

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  • Running the Year End - What happens in Sage 50cloud Accounts?

    When you get to the end of your financial year, it's important to review the financial performance of your organisation, but what actually happens in your accounts software when you click the Year End option? In this article we explore what happens behind…