• Import standard budgets into your clients' accounts

    When running your client's year end you can automatically apply a percentage increase on this year's budgets or actuals to create budgets for next year. But if your client uses standard budgeting and you have more complicated changes to make to their…

  • Tip - Set your software display preferences

    In the Options window you can set preferences for how windows display in your software.

    For example, you may want to set colour themes or add gridlines to make things easier to read, set all users to view the same columns, or perhaps configure what happens…

  • An easy way to track changes in your accounts data

    If you work with others on your clients' accounts data, sometimes you may need to find out when a certain change was made or who made it. Or perhaps you need to know when your client ran a certain process. When this happens, the Event Log can save you…

  • Shortcut to your favourite webpage from within your software

    Is there a webpage you refer to often when working on your clients' accounts? Perhaps a page on the HMRC website, or a useful Sage Knowledgebase article. 

    It's really easy to set the F12 function key to open a webpage of your choice from within…

  • Hot topics this week

  • Recording proposed dividends and dividend payments

    If you need to record proposed dividends and dividend payments, it's easy to do this in Sage 50cloud Accounts using journals and bank payments.

    Take a look at our step-by-step guide >

  • Check if a transaction is VAT reconciled

    When you reconcile your VAT Return in your software, all transactions that were included in that VAT Return are flagged as VAT reconciled.

    If you later need to check if a transaction has been VAT reconciled, for example, for audit purposes or error corrections…

  • Make bank reconciliation easier

    When you do a bank reconciliation, to make it easier to find each transaction you can sort the Un-matched transactions window. For example, you may want to sort transactions by date to match the order on your bank statement, or you may prefer to sort…

  • Undo a bank reconciliation

    Sometimes your client might reconcile a bank transaction in error, or they may even want to undo a bank reconciliation altogether and start again. There's a few ways they can do this in their software.

    Find out more >

  • Recording corporation tax in Sage 50cloud Accounts

    If your clients pay corporation tax, in Sage 50cloud Accounts you can show this as an expense on the profit and loss report after net profit.

    Our quick guide explains how to record corporation tax liability and payment in Sage 50cloud Accounts.

    Read more…

  • Quick tip - Hide old and unused records

    Do you have customers and suppliers that you no longer trade with, or products you no longer sell?

    To tidy your lists and make them more manageable, the inactive records option is just what you need. Simply flag one or more records to hide them from the…

  • Easy audit checks for peace of mind

    Before important tasks such as your VAT Return or Year end, you can use the Accounts audit options to quickly check for possible errors. Options include: