Sage Accounts V27 Sage Drive


We have a client on V27.1.562 with Sage Drive. Previously we've had no issues with logging on or connecting to Sage Drive. Since moving to V27 late last year we've had issues with connecting.

Each time I go to login as Manager it tells me that "The password you have entered has not been recognised" it used to let you ok though this message after a couple of attempts and then it would advise you that the data was corrupt. Yet at the client's end, the data was perfectly fine.

Now I have installed V27 on a separate computer with a brand new download of the installation but cannot get past the password not being recognised message.

The client and I have disconnected / reconnected our Sage Drive connections, they've sent out fresh invites and still we are unable to get in. Sage say the main site is the one that needs to call, but every time they go through it, there are no issues which there aren't at the main site. Or they suggest to disconnect & reconnect to Sage Drive to refresh it. 

Our work around for the last quarter was to work off of a backup and then send back to the client, which defeats the object of them paying for Sage Drive.

Has any one else encountered this issue and how did you fix it?

Many thanks,