Sage/Click Dealer irregularities


I am a newbie to Sage and still learning the ropes so sorry if there is an obvious answer to this, 

Something happened that i can't figure out- An invoice '5553' came to me, which i needed to create an Invoice for on Sage. I clicked on-  'Invoices and Credits'- 'New invoice.'

Then when i typed in '5553' in 'Inv No'. box  at the top right, a messaged flagged up 'This invoice/Credit note has already been posted. Any amendments will not be posted to ledgers' . I clicked Okay and an old invoice dated 2016 came up....showing the same invoice number of  '5553', which is the same as the current one i am trying to post.

I went onto Click Dealer (which i also use for booking customers in/ for invoices) and typed in  '5553', and the correct current invoice showed up on there for '5553' that i am trying to post to Sage, nothing from 2016. (so there is no mistake that end i don't think?

Yet sage is telling me  '5553' already exists from 2016.

Unfortunately i can not access 2016 invoices at the moment to check, and i don't want to go back to that invoice on sage from 2016 and delete it incase it ,messes anything up, so just wondering if it is something strange on Sage ?

  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    This indicates that invoice number 5553 is already used in Sage. This could have been entered manually back in 2016. The only option would be to either delete invoice 5553 from the invoices and credits list, this won't affect the ledgers, or you can give the new invoice you're trying to post, a new invoice number.

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