Bank Feed


After having an ongoing problem with bank feeds and sage connecting them which went on for nearly three months. Finally the connection has been made. However, this was only back dated to the 1st October. This is of no use to me whatsoever . Sage are telling me its the bank. The bank is telling me its sage. I have spoken to two different people with my bank and it's been confirmed this is sage. Please can some one help me I have been unable to input transactions for three months and I am now very behind and extremely unhappy.

  • Hi Rhiannon,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    When you set up Bank feeds, for your first download we recommend that you use the date after your last bank reconciliation. Once you download transactions from a specified date, you can't then download transactions from an earlier date.

    If there are transactions that don’t come through when you download transactions you can create these missing transactions, however, it’s not possible to download them.

    You can find full details on using Bank feeds here.



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