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Please can I ask if there is a report/option to show when the 28 weeks SSP ends other than counting on the SSP calenday.

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    Hi Carol,

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    The SSP Diary Report shows start and finish dates for linked periods within a date range. You can access this report in Reports > Absence > SSP Diary Report.

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    Does that report show the currently entered start and end dates, or does it look to the future as to when the 28 weeks of SSP will end, particularly of use when you have a long term sick employee.

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    Hi Carol, 

    The reports do not show the end of 28weeks by default as it cannot assume the SSP is continues with no return to work.

    If you wish to see where the end will be based on what you already have updated for sick put the employee on sick in the absence diary for an extended period (eg end of the calendar year) beyond 28w week it will show as W for withheld from the point the 28 weeks has been paid / calculated too (28 weeks not including waiting days).  

    You can do this in the record to get an estimated end of PIW and then remove the dates by selecting the same dates dates and choosing absence type none. 

    The 28 weeks date is only an indication assuming the employee does not return at any stage as there could be gaps in the PIW but as long as the gaps are <56days it will continue to be a linked period.