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When I export a bespoke report to 'Data to excel' the data columns are not in the correct order:


Column G - PaymentAnalysis.Desc2

Column H - PaymentAnalysis.Desc4

Column I - PaymentAnalysis.Desc6

Column J - PaymentAnalysis.Desc10

Column k - PaymentAnalysis.Desc1

Column L - PaymentAnalysis.Desc8

So not in order of description

Then Totals columns are not in the same order or any particular order

Why would the info not export in order?

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    The order in which the columns are exported appears to be based on the "Order" of the elements from Back to Front.

    The easiest way to get them in the correct order is to select the item you want in the first column, then:

    Right-Click on it (to bring up the context menu), select "Order", and choose "Bring to the Front".

    Then select the item for the next column and repeat the above right-click sequence; and so on until you have the columns in the order you want in the spreadsheet.

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    Excellent advice!  I had been wanting to get loads of fields from a report across an Excel Report format but couldn't make the page wide enough.  This has saved me doing that.  Thanks!

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    Something to be wary of is expressions which involve more than one variable.

    Each variable involved in an expression is exported in its own column - there is no column containing the expression itself.  But note, only 1 column of every variable is ever exported; so if a variable is part of an expression and also individually listed (or part of another expression), then it will only appear in whichever position is the furthest "back".

    For example, on our payslips there is an expression for pension contributions which is calculated as:

    PensionCur + PensionHol - (AVCCur + AVCHol) - (APCCur + APCHol)

    but the payslip also lists:

    AVCCur + AVCHol and APCCur + APCHol

    as separate entries, so the export only includes these latter four once - where depending upon where the expressions are in the order.