• Why is the option to add a new employee unavailable?

    When you go to add a new employee in Sage 50 Payroll you may find this option is unavailable. This can occur for a number of reasons.

    Don't worry though, find out what to check in our guide Unable to create a new employee record in Sage 50 Payroll

  • What to do if you're unable to create new employee records

    When you take on a new employee, you need to create an employee record for them in Sage 50 Payroll. We take you through this in our handy guide how do I add a new employee?

    If you find you're unable to add a new employee there are some steps you need to…

  • Tip - Employing temporary staff

    If you're taking on extra temporary staff to help out during a busy period like Christmas, you simply set them up as a new employee and process them as normal until their employment is finished. The employee will need their own employee record.