A new fresh look for Sage 50cloud Payroll

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As we continue to develop Sage 50cloud Payroll software, we're constantly evolving the experience based on your feedback. We're delighted to share some exciting changes with you.

To give you an even better experience, we're giving it a modern, fresh and up to date new look and feel, that aligns with other Sage software, such as Online Payslips, Online Documents and Online Timesheets.

There's no change to the way you process payroll. We'll be making the changes very soon and once live you'll see the new look.

Here's a sneak preview:

  • FormerMember

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    We updated the colour scheme to give us a more consistent theme across the payroll range of products and screens. Bureau Manager, Advice Centre, our Online Services and now payroll have a much more consistent look and feel using the same theming.

    However, we appreciate that some customers don’t like the lack of colours in the main payroll product so we’re looking at some options at the moment.

    It’s unlikely that we’ll revert back to what the colours were, but look at how we can improve the new theming without losing the consistency across the payroll portfolio.

    We'll be sharing improvements once we have them ready.

  • I agree with the other comments, the colours are terrible. There NEEDS to be an option to change them or revert back. It makes the software hard to work with.

  • 'Fresh New Look' !!! The drab grey colour scheme we got when we updated the program is absolutely hideous and sore on the eyes. Was it designed to be reminiscent of Stalin's USSR?

  • Just to continue with the feedback on the new colours - it's awful and makes the system harder to use. An option to change the colour scheme would be useful.

  • Just adding to the negative feedback regarding the colour scheme change, I find it really drab and dreary and hope there will be an option available to change it to the colour scheme it was prior to the most recent update.