• Print Historical P11D's for one employee

    Is there a way to print P11D reports for an individual Employee? Has anyone been able to do this?

    Struggling to find the best way to do this especially as the data may not be viewed by older versions of the software. 

  • P11D v26- issues with data import - skipping records PAYEREF ?

    Just doing P11D data upload and keep encountering same error. 

    Invalid CSV record '1': The mandatory field 'PAYEREF' is missing or has an invalid data type, skipping record...

    It recognizes the data but SAGE P11D skips all records and doesn…

  • User gets the error prompt ''Another user has an exclusive lock on an option within the P11D program"

    When a user opens the Sage application and clicks on the login button. User gets the error prompt like ''Another user has an exclusive lock on an option within the P11D program. “

    Below is a screenshot of that error prompt

  • Fuel Only Benefit


    Just wondering if anyone knows which benefits option to report private fuel?  Basically, Directors are refunded all fuel costs private which is all personal use, I cant seem to find the correct screen to report this? 



  • Cannot add new employee or see this year's and last year's P11D amounts separately

    I've just installed V23 for 2017/2018 (it says 17/18 at the bottom of the window). When I try to add an employee using the Employee -> New employee record method, and fill in the 2 screens, it appears to save but the employee then disappears. I can't…

  • P11d and P11d(b) amendment after submission

    Hi. It has just come to my attention that two of our employees' P11d's were incorrect. They are both overstated and effectively no P11d should have been issued to either of the employees. Can I re-submit a revised P11d(b) and the correct P11d's through…