P11d 2021/2022 Version V27

When will the 2021/2022 version of P11d be released

  • I have only just recently purchased this software, so disappointed - 90's look and 2021/2022 version not available! I have just rang sage and it's not available until mid April - shocking. I might as well not have bothered purchasing and done it manually on the HMRC online services. It would have all been done by now. I have employees asking for their P11d  because they want their tax affairs in order quickly - not everyone waits until the last minute.

  • Anne

    Welcome to Sage's most disappointed community! Sage simply cannot get their act together on the P11d software  - basically you pay for a year when the software only has value for a month at best! I can keep it up to date throughout the year in readiness for the new year - but can't produce reports of any value until the new software in launched. 

  • Mid April will be early for the release of the P11D software , it has been Mid May / end of May in previous years.  Hopefully they will have sorted out the email issues this year.

    I don't know why Sage don't bother with the P11D , they say its because they spend time on the payroll software and don't have time to sort it out.  They have all year to sort out the email issues which have been going on for years now , this is the last chance from me for them to get it working properly or we will be going elsewhere next year.

  • Hi Anne - I find this so frustrating each year too! Mid April came and went did they give a specific date or are we all just waiting for the email?!?!

  • Hi Judy. They told me 15th or 16th of April. I could have had this all done by now if I'd done it through the HMRC website. It is so frustrating, I have employees continually asking for their P11d, as normally they receive it with their P60. I used to do it on the HMRC website, but part of it is a manual process and I have too many this year. If HMRC can get their software calculation up to date on time why can't a company like Sage!  Looking back now even though part of the process is manual on HMRC site it probably would have been done by now.