'An invalid argument has been encountered' error message when trying to back up

I am getting an error message saying 'An invalid argument is being encountered' when trying to back up. I have the highest level of security. i have been able to back up files previously but now i get this error message regardless of where i try to save the file.

  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues backing up your P11D data, the error message you are getting is not one I am familiar with, although it sounds like the issue maybe caused by the location of your P11D data.

    The change location window will show the current location of your data at the bottom, you can relocate the data to a new location to help identify if the data location is  the issue.

    I have included a link to our support article below to assist you in relocating the data:

    If after relocating the P11D data to a different place the backup works, and you happy to leave the data where you have relocated it to, then you will not need to do anything further.

    If  the backup does not work after relocating the data to a different place, I would try running the program as an administrator, the the issue does not occur, it could possibly be an issue with permissions of the your Windows user profile.

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    Technical Support

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  • Hi

    I have access to the file location so i don't think it's an issue with that and the error message is still occuring. We have tried to back up in different areas, including where the file location is and the error message continues.

    i have also tried running it as administrator and this gives the same error message and my Windows permissions have been checked also.

  • Hi, does anyone have any more help that can be provided? All suggestions have been exhausted and we arent able to back up still.

  • Hi

    This is the usual Sage response - its your PC/Laptop/server problem - it's nothing to do with the software! Finally got them to accept that the problem I am having - can't back up, software cashes and loses all my medical insurance groups is a problem with their software and not my set up. persevere with support and don;t let them close until they have resolved the issue!