Car fuel benefit code

We have 2 employees who have Euro 6d compliant cars registered before 06/04/2018. In the Sage P11d software it does not have a Euro 6d fuel type option only RDE2. If I choose RDE2 then it tells me I can't use this as the car was registered before 06/04/2018 and not eligible. However if I enter the only viable option of Diesel or Euro IV it assigns a benefit code of D which attracts the high benefit charge for the employee

On a page in the online Sage support it says that cars that are RDE2 compliant (i.e Euro 6d) and the car is registered before 06/04/2018 then the benefit code should be A but I can only get this is I say the fuel type is petrol or hybrid for example

Conversely the HMRC online calculator for the car benefit only asks if the car is registered between 1998 and 2020 and allows you to choose Euro 6d as a fuel type and this assigns a benefit code of F which attracts the lower benefit rate.

It seems that Sage have got this wrong and the only way to get the lower benefit charge for Euro 6d cars is to change the registration date to 06/04/2018 or to assign a fuel type of say petrol.

I've spoken to HMRC who confirm the code should be F and to Sage who say fill in the P11d's manually which of course does not allow for the upload of data.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did they get around it or am I doing something wrong in entering the data

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  • Thanks for the response Debbie. As I said in the original post I've tried the HMRC calculator but it does not differentiate on the registration date for the vehicle unless it is before 1998 or after 6th April 2020 which presumably is so it can apply tthe correct % depending if the emission is measured by NEDC or WLTP 

    For Euro 6 diesel cars, registered before 06/04/18, HMRC support, HMRC calculator, and our auditors show/state that the fuel type code is F and does not attract the 4% diesel surcharge for the benefit

    Sage P11d software only allows you to select D which does apply the 4% surcharge

    Sage Support's response when talking to them was along the line of "Well HMRC just say anything" and "It's tough but there's nothing we can do about it"