P11d v26 install issues

I have installed version 26 but it is showing the tax year as being 19/20 so I have uninstalled all previous version and reinstalled from scratch and created a new set of data files but again it still is showing tax year 19/20 any ideas?

  • Hello Michelle ,

    Thanks for your query.

    That's not a issue I am familiar with, when the tax year does not match the version you have installed, its generally down to issues with the database, however you have advised you have already created a new database so that would not seem to be the issue.

    The first thing I would try would be to uninstall P11D again, delete the install folder and data folders (default paths are below), and then try install the software as an administrator user on the computer.

    Default install Path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 P11D

    Default Data Path - C:\ProgramData\Sage\Sage 50 P11D\26.0\001\p11ddata 


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    Sage UK Technical support

  • I had a similar issue and tried the same as Michelle with no success as of yet!

  • Hi

    So I have resolved it now by removing all installations and then renaming the default data path on a fresh installation which then it showed as 20/21 tax year. Then I restored my v25 data and converted it, then changed the database location to the network and all is working ok again.