I've been really stupid and accidently deleted a company on my P11D.  Anyone know if there is a way to restore.  I've tried restoring from my backup but it says data too old.  So I then deleted latest version and tried to restore to old version - same message.

  • Hello Sarah,

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    The error message you are getting is generally due to a backup file being restored that is too old, Sage 50 P11D can only open data from the current version of P11D (v26) or the one prior (v25), so when you get the error message it usually is because the data is from an earlier version.

    If you have any additional backups you can try, I would recommend trying those, have a look at the modified date of the file in windows as this is normally a good indication of what version of P11D was used to create the backup (although is not always 100% the case).  

    Kind Regards 


    Sage UK Technical support