P11d V 26

I have upgraded and all benefits correct and submitted yo HMRC however when I want to print preview P11ds to either print or save as PDF there is no detail showing at all  - does not look like a P11d? Any one else experiencing this??

  • Hello Tony,

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    If you are seeing a blank page it may be that the page format is set to letter, when it needs to be set to A4, to check and resolve this, preview an individual P11D, then click on the 'Page Setup' button at the bottom of the report preview, in the window that opens click on the 'Size' tab.

    If the 'Paper Size' field, if the paper size is set to letter, change it to A4 an then click on 'OK',  the report will now displays as it should. When closing the report preview you will be asked to save the change, ensure you click 'Yes' to ensure the change is saved.  

    Kind Regards 


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