P11D v26- issues with data import - skipping records PAYEREF ?

Just doing P11D data upload and keep encountering same error. 

Invalid CSV record '1': The mandatory field 'PAYEREF' is missing or has an invalid data type, skipping record...

It recognizes the data but SAGE P11D skips all records and doesn't import any of the information onto P11D. 

I have checked the format of the CSV file and all fine but it skips records due to the PAYEREF column which was never a problem in previous years.  I have tried to upload without forward dash '/'. So like 123123456 instead of 123/123456 and still skipping. 

Anyone else having same issue? 

  • Hello Flavia,

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    Often when importing data from a CSV file, errors generally indicate there is an issue with the formatting of the CSV file being used to upload the data. If you have not done this already I would ensure you are using one of the pre set CSV templates we provide.

    The CSV template are actually initially saved as XLS files, as this allow us to have comments on each column heading advising what the format needs to be. I have included a link below to our support article on CSV imports to assist you further, it includes steps on how to find and use the templates:


    Kind Regards