P11d access issue


My colleague and I are both unable to access Sage P11d Professional since lunchtime today. All we can see is the splash screen and it doesn't move to the log in screen. This has happened before. Is anyone able to offer advice as to why this is happening as it is very frustrating?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Chris,

    Sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your query and  sorry to hear you are having issues with your Sage 50 P11D software.

    The issue you are having is generally caused by the software not having access to the data location, or the database it self being corrupt.

    I would first check where the data is stored,  you can check this using the  Change Database location.exe file, this file is found in the P11D’s program directory, the default path for this is

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 P11D

    To test if the issues is based on permissions or the database itself, you will need to first set up P11D with a default data path if it does not already have one, the default path would be :

    C:\ProgramData\Sage\Sage 50 P11D\25.0\001\p11ddata

    Move a copy of the current p11d.mdb into this location, then use the change database utility to point at the new location, if the program opens fine, the issue is most likely permissions on the location it was previously being kept, if it does not, the issue may be data related.

    To test if the issue is data related you can copy a blank database into the same location to test, to do this you would first rename the current database (to oldp11d.mdb), then from C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 P11D take a copy of the file name blank.mdb and paste it into the  default data older P11D should currently be looking at. Then rename the file to P11D.mdb and check the program opens, if it does the previous data is corrupt.

    If the data is corrupt and there was previously data in the software, you will need to locate a backup taken from the software or a copy of the p11d.mdb prior to the data becoming corrupt in order to restore the data.

    Kind Regards


    Sage Technical Support
    Sage UK Ltd