e-mailing P11Ds to Employees from Sage P11D

We have the latest version (25.0) of Sage P11D for 2019-20 and I'm very disappointed to learn that the functionality to e-mail P11Ds to Employees does not work if your PC is running a 64bit Version of Windows.

This is apparently an issue that Sage have known about for 2 years or more.  See:


We just spent around £500 on the software in order to send out over 100 P11Ds to staff, and I was completely shocked when Sage Tech support told me the e-mail functionality does not work.

The only suggestion I received as to how to fix this was to install the program on a PC with 32bit Windows.  However we have a strict IT Policy within our organisation standardised on 64bit Windows 10 throughout, so I cannot do this.

I know how to print a P11D to PDF and I know how to manually attach it to an e-mail, but I am not looking forward to doing this 108 times.

I'm really disappointed Sage haven't fixed this since it's been a known issue for 2 years plus.,

I would definitely not have purchased this program if I'd known about this issue. 

Happy weekend