How do I download old reports?

Hi, I am trying to get access to 18/19 P11D’s, however the system will only let me view 2019/20. could you please advise how I can view the old reports please? 

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    Sage 50 P11D only holds one year’s legislation at a time, so the latest version (v25) only has the legislation for the 19/20 tax year, because of this it can only run reports for 19/20.


    To view reports from a previous year, you would need to install the relevant version of the software in a different directory in windows to the latest version, as the reports you want are for 18/19, you would need to install v24. For example, the default install directory for P11D is C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 P11D, you would need to install v24 in a separate folder, for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 P11D V24

    You would also need a backup of the data taken in v24, as you would need to then restore this data in to the separate v24 install, so essentially you would have two separate versions of Sage 50 P11D with separate databases for each year.

    You would then be able to run reports for 18/19 from v24.

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