Printing Saving P11d

Have had this software for many years and hey ho no surprise printing error code 30 still not fixed.  Just vented my frustrations only to hear software not compatible with 64bit computer.  Have had this issue every year and the solution is to print P11ds then scan and save them.  Really is that an answer.  What are we paying for? 

Sorry Sage this is just not good enough. 

  • Hello Sharon,

    Sorry to hear you having issue with Sage 50 P11D.

    There are still limitations around generating PDF’s in the software that remain as you have correctly mentioned. I will ensure your concerns, and feedback are passed to the relevant people.

    Just to try and offer another work around rather than scanning the print outs, if you need PDF copies of the P11D to attach to emails, you can manually save individual copies of the P11D forms as PDF. To do this you would first need to preview a P11D an for employee, and then from the bottom tool bar click the ‘print’ button.

    From the next window click on the ‘Printer’ button and then select ‘Microsoft Print To PDF’ and click ‘OK’, the next window will then allow you to enter a file name and a location to save the a PDF copy of the report.

    The saved PDF file can then be attached to an email.

    Kind Regards


    Sage Technical Support
    Sage UK Ltd